"7WAYS" Official Information Page (English version)

"7WAYS" Official Information Page (English version)

Kyoji Kamui's new feature film. From June to August 2023, it will be released in theaters in Japan, the country of production.




Recent report

Theatrical release in Japan, the country of production, began on June 3, 2023.

On the first day, Tokyo's long-established movie theater, Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa, was a great success with only a few seats left. At the theater release in Osaka in July, it was filled with full house audiences for three consecutive days from the first day.

"Once you've seen it, you'll want to see it again."
"The second half after knowing the truth was really interesting and exciting."

"A genius script!"
After the screening, the lobby was filled with excited spectators.




Good and evil, enemies and allies, everything is within you. Human beings are absolutely lonely, and the right answer, the wrong answer, the sorrow, the joy, and the anger are all subjective. -This world is cruel and warm-


Kyoji Kamui's new feature film following his previous work "Moonlight Diner" is a new "Kamui world" full of ideas that will surprise the audience. The director and actors repeatedly discussed the difficult script composition, reached a mutual understanding, and rushed into the 9 days of shooting.

Kyoji Kamui continues to shoot new works in his own style, with a sensibility different from that of other Japanese filmmakers.

startlingly serious suspense hard-boiled that colors Kyoji Kamui's visual literature and life philosophy with high-class entertainment.


Writer Nao (Miko Nakagawa) comes to a certain isolated island. The other-worldly motel guest is stage actor Ginji ( Mitsunari Sakamoto), who is staying to prepare for a role. The owner, the master (Hideaki Hachiya) welcomed Nao.


There, Naruse (Kazunari Moriwaki) and Shimamura (Hiroyuki Hagita), who have escaped from a prison on a neighboring island. In addition, two women, Chinatsu (Sayoko Hagiwara) and Suzuka (Michiko Makino), who have nowhere to go because the road from the city was blocked by a landslide due to a sudden storm, arrive. Wakeari humans appear one after another. Shortly after, the news of the jewel robbery murder that happened in the city was heard on the radio. The perpetrators are said to be two women.


  Meanwhile, detective Kuroneko (Kyoji Kamui) receives a request from Nao's older sister, Kaori (Aiko Takahashi), to help her sister. Nao was arrested as a suspect in a murder case, but due to circumstances, her innocence was confirmed at the trial. How does she "save" Nao, who has already been acquitted of her guilt?


Inspector Aso (Shunsaku Kudo) and Misato (Chiaki Hiratsuka), who have been asked for cooperation by Kuroneko, proceed to question all seven people present about what happened on the solitary island.

Theater release information (in Japan)

・Released on June 3, 2023. At Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa (Tokyo).
・Released on July 15, 2023. At Theater Seven (Osaka).
・Scheduled for August 2023. At Cinema Novecento (Yokohama).


Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Kyoji Kamui
Cast: Miko Nakagawa, Mitsunari Sakamoto, Kazunari Moriwaki, Hiroyuki Hagita, Sayoko Hagiwara, Michiko Makino, Hideaki Hachiya, Aiko Takahashi, Chiaki Hiratsuka, Shunsaku Kudo, Kyoji Kamui.

Production: TEAM KAMUI  Assistant Director: Hiroyuki Hagita  Still pictures: Hideaki Hachiya CG: Kiyoshi Hayashi МA: Kodama Productions Co., Ltd.

Production/Advertisement/Distribution: TEAM KAMUI.Inc

(Country of production: Japan 16:9 stereo 95 minutes) (C) 2022 KyojiKamui


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