"SMOKY&BITTER" Official Information Page (English version)

Kyoji Kamui's "Hard-boiled Literary film"

"SMOKY&BITTER" Official Information Page (English version)

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 Production / Director, etc. Introduction of "Kyoji Kamui"

He has appeared in many movies in Japan since the 1990s. He suddenly retired in his heyday and surprised his fans, but in 2018, he suddenly started making movies. He writes, directs, shoots, edits, produces, almost everything by himself. It has a unique view of the world and has a different sense from many Japanese film directors.



 Highlights / Production episodes

The fourth work (second feature film) of the independent production "TEAM-KAMUI" started by Kyoji Kamui in 2018. It has a unique world view and a twisted script composition. This work is an entertainment action that combines stateless hard-boiled, which is good at Kamui, with gun action and fighting action.

"0 full-time staff on site" Only directors and actors on site. In the ultimate minority elite style, he has produced a series of light-feeling hard-boiled . The "film-like rough texture" created by Kamui, who loves American & Europian movies in the 70's, is nostalgic and stimulates the nostalgia of old fans.

The production cost is only 1.3 million yen.




he killer Moroboshi who lost his memory wanders into a rural town, and the villain dispatch organization "Ando , who is the face of the town, manages the beautiful woman Satomi who calls out there. Taken to the office of "bad guy Production". Ando finds out from his belongings that he is a production hitman and introduces Moroboshi to his friends ("SideA"). Reiko who is chased by men for no apparent reason, does not remember the events of this half day. He is hidden by his acquaintance Ryuzaki but he is arrested and imprisoned by a detective when he visits a female detective, relying on a memo in his pocket ("SideB")



 Work data

Year of production: 2020
Country of origin: Japan
103 minutes 16: 9

 Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Kyoji Kamui

 Starring: Shunsaku Kudo, Chiaki Hiratsuka, Sayoko Hagiwara,,Mitsunari Sakamoto, Miko Nakagawa, Hiroyuki Hagita, Miho Tamaki, Hideaki Hachiya, Natsuki Ogata, Takafumi Kagaya, Mei Kawashima, Aya Kazuki, Anna Kachi, Ichizo Kobayashi, Yukitomo Tochino,
 Takumi Tsutsui, Yuta Mochizuki, Daisuke Ban, Kyoji Kamui


Assistant Director: Hiroyuki Hagita
Gun effect: Yukitomo Tochino
Action coordination: Miyagawa & Misaki
MA: Kodama Production Co., Ltd.

Production: TEAM KAMUI
Producer: Kyoji Kamui

 (C) 2020, kyojikamui

Screened records in Japan

・September 12, 2020
Tokyo "Za Koenji 2" premiere preview

・October 26-November 2, 2020
Yokohama "Cinema Novecento" theater release

・November 21-24, 2020
Osaka "Theater Seven" theater release

・January 30-February 5, 2021
Tokyo "Ikebukuro Cinema Rosa" theater release

・December 28-31, 2021.
Tokyo "Koenji Theater Bacchus"theater release

Film Festival Official  Selection and Award

・London International Filmmaker Festival 2021

 March 15th-19th, 2021

"Best Supporting Actor in a Foreign Language Film (Mitsunari Sakamoto)" 

Barcelona International Film Festival 2021

    April 23th & May 1st,2021

  "Best Producer (Kyoji Kamui) " 

 & Finalist of "Best Foreign Language Feture Film" 

・9th Nice International Film Festival 

 May 30th-June 4th, 2021

"Best Director of a Foreign Language Film (Kyoji Kamui)"

・Madrid International Film Festival 2021

The award ceremony is on August 27th

"Outstanding Leading Actor in a Foreign Language Film (Shunsaku Kudo)"

・World Cinema Antwerp  2021

"Best Director of a Foreign Language Film (Kyoji Kamui)"

・World Independent Cinema Awards 2021

"Best Supporting Actress in a Foreign Language Film (Sayoko Hagiwara)" 

・75th  Festival Internazionale del Cinema dI Salerno

 Official Selection


News publication (Japanese famous movie information media)

Many special effects actors appear, and Kyoji Kamui's directorial work "Smoky and Bitter" is completed

Kyoji Kamui's directorial work "Smoky and Bitter" will be released in Ikebukuro and Osaka

Performers serve as staff to entertain visitors Kyoji Kamui's "Smoky and Bitter" premiere preview

"Smoky and Bitter" will be officially exhibited at the London International Filmmaker Festival! Nominated in 4 categories!

"Smoky and Bitter" Kyoji Kamui won the Best Producer Award at the Barcelona International Film Festival! Highly rated at European film festivals! !!

Director Kyoji Kamui won the Best Director Award at the Nice International Film Festival!

・Director Kyoji Kamui of "Smoky & Bitter" won the Best Director Award at World Cinema Antwerp!

The long-awaited re-screening of "SMOKY & BITTER", which continues to win awards at film festivals around the world, is "live commentary screening"

 Film Festival Official Magazine and Website Articles








 The main theme of the movie

[Whether the choice of life was right or wrong, it doesn't make sense, it's not the answer. Because we, the little ones, have no choice but to go the way we choose. Of course, while making mistakes ... Life goes on ..Still life continues. ]

Life is a repeated loss. What you lose if you are alive ... Youth ... Money ... Dreams ... Family, everything in the present, sometimes friendship, affection, trust, feelings for someone. The more you live without worry, the more you lose.
To live is to accept the loss and move forward.
The wound will heal someday. Go ahead while shedding blood.
To live is to lose. 






▼The back of the flyer when the theater is released in Japan


▼ State of the preview of the first debut in Tokyo







 (C) 2020, kyojikamui